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Chase Away the Mid-winter Doldrums

February is the shortest month of the year. But it can be a particularly challenging month, with cold weather keeping us indoors. Our middle school psychologist, Orit Goldhamer, has these suggestions for things you can do together, as a family, to chase away the mid-winter doldrums.

In addition to the typical activities that we often hear recommended to fill the time at home such as trying a new recipe, baking together, completing a puzzle, taking a virtual field trip, and board games, here are some other family-friendly activities:

  • Create a time capsule: take a small box and add items or pictures of items that remind you of this time. You can include a list of each family member’s “favorites” right now (e.g. books, shows, foods) and/or the typical prices of common household items. Remember to seal it up and put the date to open

  • Heads Up: there are electronic and board game versions of this fun game but you can also create your own! Write the names of animals (or pretty much anything!). Mix up the papers and give a set amount to the guesser. The guesser holds up the paper and others give clues for a set amount of time while the guesser tries to figure out what the paper lists.

  • Play a family game of Mad Libs- there are online versions such as this one or you can work as a family to write your own.

  • Anything that will make the family laugh! Sing silly songs, do silly dances, tell silly jokes, or watch a funny video/show/movie together.

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