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Managing a Roller Coaster of Emotions

Hello, Church, your community. I'm Linda Price, and today I want to talk to you about all of the moving pieces that we are juggling and the toll this takes on everyone. As I was preparing to record this video and looking for a quiet space, I realized that I might have to go with the flow and just record this video with my two and a half year old grandson. I actually did try that, but it didn't work very well. And now, four attempts later, I am facing you alone to share this message with you.

Now, as these days of isolation stretching into weeks and the weeks stretched into months, it is likely that many of you like me are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. Our distress, anxiety, frustration, impatience and grief are all normal reactions to a highly stressful situation. Never before has anyone alive today faced the trauma of these proportions, onethat affects our entire planet. So if you are struggling with keeping everything running smoothly, it's OK. It's normal. But

there are some things we can do to stop these feelings from totally overwhelming us. When we are anxious, it is natural for our minds to go to worst case scenarios. We start to consider all of the awful what ifs that can happen. And although it's not easy and definitely not our natural inclination, it can be helpful if we make an effort to shift those thoughts to what is actually happening right here and right now. It can be comforting to remind yourself that right now we are safe and we are healthy. Right now, the family is together. Right now, we can do something that is fun and for a short time we can stop thinking about what is going on outside our home and we can stop worrying about the unknown future.

The basic premise of mindfulness, to be present in the moment, can have a calming effect on our minds and on our bodies. There is so much right now that is out of our control. But we do have things that we can control. We can control our exposure to the virus by staying home when we can, by wearing a mask when outside, and by practicing good hygiene, including washing our hands frequently. We can limit our media exposure and choose reputable sources to get our information.

We can make good choices about being active, getting fresh air and enough sleep. We can maintain contact with familyand friends through virtual platforms until we can be in the same physical space with them again. And we can allow ourselves to laugh and have fun with the people we are quarantined with. We can celebrate what we accomplished today rather than chastising ourselves over what we were unable to do.

Before I leave you today, I want to remind you to check the Churchill Connects section of our website often for updates to our COVID-19 resources and for information about distance learning. And please remember our Churchill Cares Initiative. Keep this in mind whether to make a contribution if you are able or to request support if you are in need. Any contribution you are able to give, makes a huge difference for someone who is struggling. We are all in this together.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

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