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Online Playdates, Game Nights, and Other Ways to Socialize at a Distance

Keeping Kids Connected

As the pandemic stretches on, we've all fallen into some kind of rhythm of video chats, six-feet-away visits, and outdoor playdates with constant mask supervision. Basically, we've tried to find safe ways to keep our kids social. But there are some other off-screen and tech alternatives that might offer some novel ways to connect.

For the littlest kids who are even too young to really play with other kids, you can set up a screen showing a toddler playmate so they can do some parallel play while occasionally interacting with their little buddy. For older kids, there's show-and-tell, charades, Pictionary, and even asynchronous chess games. And, if you haven't tried online games like the Jackbox Party Pack, they can be a fun together time for the whole family—even members you can't see in person quite yet.

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